It is often, very often, difficult to stay away from sweets and empty carbs. We find that even though we take care of what goes into our bodies, if there is anything around in the house in the form of chocolate or the like, it is most likely gone in an instant. The way to beat the unhealthy habits is by gaining a deeper understanding of why we are reacting the way we do. It turns out, that on a neurological level we are no different than our caveman ancestors. The food industry and system we live in is less than a century old, which isn’t enough time for evolution to catch up and adapt. As The Hungry Brain discusses “we are driven to consume sugar, salt and fat because that’s where the most calories reside. Thousands of years ago, it kept us alive. Now it just makes us fat!”

The Hungry Brain is a great read to gain a deeper understanding of the why, and a book that cuts through the hype and engagingly presents facts.

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