Adding some fixed staples and work up a proper morning routine, has helped us immensely over the years in order to win the day. We have for way too long been hitting the snooze button as the easy way to stall time, resulting in a rushed morning leaving a feeling of catching up for the rest of the day. That is certainly not how to win the day!


It is not about jumping out of bed and start answering email and doing work straight away. Quite the contrary. The first 60 minutes of the day happens mostly without any tech around. The morning routine is all about focusing the mind on the day to come, which is easiest with as few distractions as possible. To be honest, not every morning looks like this, because the bed can be extra comfortable, the night before ended way too late, or just plain laziness. 


These are the boxes that need to be checked, and if at least three of these can be ticked off, the day is off to a good start:


  • 15 push ups and some basic stretching
  • Shower with the last 30 seconds being cold
  • 10-15 min Meditation
  • Breakfast: Porridge and eggs with green tea or golden milk
  • 20 min reading
  • And keep the tech out of the bedroom (important, although it is hardly a morning routine)