We pride ourselves of having good people around us. Even though we have big ideas and grand ambitions, we know that in the end, we are just dwarfs who need to bring in giants.

One such giant is our wonderful yoga and meditation coach, Malene Sophira. She is the person who can help you turn the focus inwards, and increase your self-awareness. Some time ago she experienced stress. Real life, body-and-mind-shutting-down stress. Here is a short story of her experience and a few tools to bring in to your daily routine.

Enter, Malene Sophira :


Do you live life slowly? Do you allow yourself to dwell?


After a long and tough period with stress I’ve discovered how wonderful it is to live life slowly. Allow yourself to dwell on things. Allow yourself to have fewer appointments in the calendar. Allow most appointments to be with myself. Appointments with myself to fill myself up, take care of me so I can be present in my daily life and be present when I’m with others. It feels so good!


Live life slowly using the heart as a compass.


For many years I have lived a life of 150 km/hour and thousands of projects all at once. It was nice, I liked what I was doing. Even though I had taken down the pace over the past few years, the body suddenly refused to go any further. But everything was just fine! I didn’t understand anything!


I was sitting in the middle of a writing session, and it took me a thousand years when I had to read through and go back to correct spelling mistakes. Suddenly, I discovered that I could not spell as I used to. A text could take between 5 and 10 minutes to write because what I had written did not make sense at all. I could recognize the words but not the meaning. I experienced in the midst of teaching yoga that my head seemed completely empty. In the middle of an explanation, suddenly no words came into my head. It was just blank. So I had to wait and then the words came back. Luckily! I was nervous and sweating, and at the same time did not want anyone to discover it.

In several situations I experienced this feeling of “I don’t know what to do!”. One day I stood with 2 eggs and a pan in my hands, the only thing that popped into my head was the notion that I probably needed to do something with this… but I could not remember what … even though fried eggs is fairly obvious ..


Yes, the brain was burned out! It just did not make sense for a coach and yoga instructor will not be stressed does it?!

But YES, we can all be affected by a stressful profession – physical or mental stress – the triggers can be many and very different.


Give yourself a break every day for you to just be aware.


You can ask yourself the questions:


How are you feeling?
How does the body feel?
What feelings do you notice in the body?
What thoughts?
Where is the breathing? In the chest or in the stomach?
Do you have your heart in everything you do, or is there anything to adjust?
What is controlling your choices?
Your or others’ expectations: what do you want?

Set a timer for 2, 5 or 10 minutes. and breathe in through the nose and into the stomach – breathe out – repeat 10 times.

Use your heart as a compass – and have fun.


Malene Sophira