Day One Performance Project is a single, high-impact day providing a powerful mind-body reboot without the time away from work or the family.

Reset your body and transform your health through this full-day immersion where we present you with a hands-on approach to meditation, breathwork, mobility, movement, functional training, recovery, cold immersion, and nutrition.

In a beautiful home close to Copenhagen you will join like-minded people in an intimate group-setting for our Day One Performance Project that will leave you healthier and happier through an overhaul on your body, mind and spirit in a full day devoted to learning, growing and exploring, letting you connect with your individual purpose.

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The Experience

Meditation & Yoga

Breakthrough barriers and release stored energy, while learning powerful pathways for reconnecting with your body and the present moment.

Movement & Breathwork

Learn the exact mobility and breathing techniques used by professional athletes to release lifelong tension and rapidly improve joint function.

Snacks & Supplements

Enjoy snacks, juices and supplements for peak performance and longevity all through the day.

Longevity & Lifestyle Transformation

Optimize your body’s natural energy production systems, reduce pain and inflammation, and learn practices for building long-lasting fitness.

Organic Chef-Prepared Meals

Feast on vibrant, plant-rich, all-organic meals, fully customizable to dietary specifications.

Fire & Ice Recovery

Learn how to actively recover through the use of heat therapy and cold immersion.

All The Answers To All Your Questions

What to expect: 

A high impact day where you will get challenged by the best instructors within each field. Learn the tools to pursue a healthier lifestyle or push your existing practice to the next level.

You will be taken through an intense day where you will rediscover your body-mind connection and be part of a group of like-minded people.

Who can join:

Everyone from beginners to athletes. This is about your personal journey and is not exclusive for people with six-pack abs and four ironmans in the bank. We do however expect all our guests to share a desire to move forward and push themselves.
Please note that we do not allow people under the age of 18.

How many people:

This event is limited to 20 people in order to create an intimate and highly personalized experience.

What does it include:

Chef-prepared Lunch & Dinner. Coffee, Tea, Juices, Snacks & Supplements throughout the day.

A full-day program with classes led by professional instructors including: meditation, yoga, movement, breathing, functional training, sauna and ice baths for active recovery and performance-centered talks by industry professionals.

Where is it:

The retreat will take place in a beautiful home within an hour from Copenhagen.

When is it:

The final date is still TBC, but it will happen on a Saturday from 9 to 19.

Know this:

We’re a small company made up of people who are super passionate about creating exceptional experiences. If we haven’t crawled above 12 guests prior to 30 days of the event, we cannot follow through with it. We’ll provide a full refund in that case. But hey, tell all your friends about it and come have an amazing time with great people. It’ll be anything but boring.

What does it cost:

2.850,- pr. person – everything included

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PLUS: there's a discount advantage exclusive for this list

Sample Program:

//This is an example and not the final program. It is a packed day, where you will be challenged, but there will also be enough breaks and downtime for you to enjoy the company and refuel your body. 

Welcome 9.00

Meditation 9.30

Yoga 10.00

Movement 11.30

Lunch 12.30

Talk: Sleep & Nutrition 13.15

Breathworks 14.00

Functional Training 14.45

Recovery: Fire & Ice 16.00

Chef-Made Organic Dinner 17.45*

Bye 19.00

*this seems like an awfully early dinner, right? There is method behind the madness.
Check out this article about the glymphatic system and the power of eating early.