Off-site team events in Southern Sweden.

Get active, enjoy nature and indulge in local, seasonal and fresh food. We provide a private and fully serviced set-up for you and your team to focus on what matters and enjoy your time together.   

Happy people on your team is about more than just money

Amazing companies take their employees wellbeing very serious and make sure the right talent also want to stay.
Millennials are making up an exceedingly bigger part of the workforce, and retaining this

talented segment means you need to offer them more than just a salary.
You need to sell them a lifestyle that you’ll both encourage and support. Taking your team offsite is the perfect way to reconnect and give room for new ideas.

By 2025 the millennial generation will make up 75% of the workforce. This means that your approach to creating a meaningful place to work needs to change.

Why dedicate more time away with your team?

People want to feel like they are part of the team, and your job is to make that happen without the forced inauthentic team building. Yes, it is time to say goodbye to the awkward seminars your staff grudge having to attend.

The ultimate way to make people want to work for you is for you to give them the tools and space to create their own loyal, genuine and fiercely supportive ecosystem. Let your employees form their tribes, where they experience a workplace in-line with their lifestyle.

Take your team offsite and mix your conference with the active escape. It is a chance to create a unified workforce of passionate employees, where you can focus on the important things, that often get lost in the everyday tornado.

Okay, I’m curious. So what is the corporate active escape all about?

We believe that being active and enjoying nature form unique bonds between people. It is with this philosophy we have created the corporate active escape in the southern Swedish woods– 2.5 hours from Copenhagen.

You’ll be staying at a wonderful mansion in the middle of a nature reserve, where we can host around 100 overnight guests, and serve you delicious, local meals.

We have the complete, professional setup for your meeting in beautiful conference rooms overlooking a lake. There is a screen, sound, notepads, pens, catering and wifi. It is 2019 after all.

When you have discussed what’s important, we’ll take you out in the woods, work up a sweat and challenge you through MTB’s, running, canoeing, yoga, SUP or whatever else that gets you going.

Want to hear more and see what a corporate retreat could look like for your team?
Jeppe is your one point of contact at +45 31 53 49 53 or jbr(at)