We have for years been building extraordinary experiences for thousands of people, and we are starting The Hut. because this is the place we, ourselves, are missing today.

Our goal is to create experiences beyond the hotel and in a leaner and smarter luxury. The Hut will be completely different from anything out there on the market, far more than just a place to sleep. To us, luxury is about nurturing the active soul and relaxing in good design and homey surroundings, not gold plated everything and couches you are afraid to sit in. That is why the values upon which The Hut is built are simple: Great service. Great people. Great food. Great outdoors. We want to give you an experience like no other.


The Hut is first and foremost an idea of rediscovering our relationship with nature, and a vision of a radically different hotel experience.

We’re basically just a couple of guys who like to play around, and have found comfort in the cabin life in the Swedish woods. We go as often as we can. This has been a way of life for as long as we can remember – not a newfound trend. The deafening silence, the still lakes, burning fire, dense forest and gravelled roads all represent a feeling that (to us) is incomparable.

At some point our urge to break away from the corporate routine and create something crossed the notion of this passion. Then our other desires came rambling down creating layers on this idea of our dream place in the forest: We like to stay active, we like to eat (but who doesn’t) and we like to sleep. We nurture these three elements to form the base of our lives, and have learned the hard way how this can multiply the quality of our daily life – or the opposite. If you sleep well, you want to move and ultimately feed your body the right things. This creates energy to keep you in mint condition. We know, because we have felt both ends of this spectrum. We also know what we prefer.

In all its simple beauty, the hut was born with the pursuit of creating the very best within these three pillars: amazing activities, incredible food and a cosy luxury that lets you relax and unwind. All of this combined in the southern Swedish wilderness we know and love; a place wild but close to the city.

We never claim to have reinvented the wheel, but we connect things in a fundamentally different way to create the active escape we could only dream of. It might be a high-hanging fruit, but when no one else will build what we want, we got little choice but to go for it.

Hope to see you soon

Jeppe (jbr(at)thehuthotel.com) is adventurer by heart with a lot of fun travels notched in his belt: horseback riding in Mongolia, Mountainclimbing in Bolivia, Motorcycling in Chile and Argentina, Skiing in Canada and has seen a big part of the world. Whenever possible he takes refuge in his family’s cabin in Sweden.

Since early childhood, Sebastian (sne(at)thehuthotel.com) has enjoyed outdoor experiences in the form of fishing, canoeing, mountain biking and fire pit cooking. Sebastian is a big art fan especially within the field of modern art, architecture and performative stage art. He is a true handyman, with dubious results though, and has a great love of power-tools.



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