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The active escape is all about reconnecting with yourself and the people around you by being active. Well, that’s the gist of it at least. We also serve nice food and create a unique sense of community, but those are spill-overs from having great people around. 
We do this through retreats in the wild and specialized niche events. 


We’re not trying to play hard to get, but we offer our events by invite only through our newsletter first. If there are still spots to fill we’ll open for regular booking. So hit the sign-up button if you want to cut the line.


We create our events mostly in Southern Sweden and in the greater Copenhagen area. 

This is not the kind of hotel you know. We’re more like a travelling circus creating kick-ass events wherever we find a nice spot and cool people to go with it. If you join our newsletter we’ll keep you posted about updates on our upcoming tours. 

Any questions? Let’s get in touch.

Give us a call at + 45 31534953 or